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Wootrader has added SEO data!

The higher a company's brand exposure, the greater the number of potential customers who can see the company's website and what it has to offer. Search engine optimization is one way in which a company can increase its exposure. The goal of SEO is to make a company's website appear higher on search engine return results and increase the website traffic, or visitors. There is reason to believe that a company's web traffic can affect its stock price, one way being that it could predict a company's future sales. After all, the more people that visit a website, the greater the number of people who are can buy the product.

Services such as SEMrush let companies see their website's SEO data as they try to improve their online relevance. We have added SEMrush data to our system, and are applying predictive analytics models on top of them to pick the best data points that work in the stock markets.

Wootrader SEO/ web traffic data-

Find Search engine related information on the reports button in the top menu bar and by looking at an individual stock. While looking at an individual stock, under the “Rankings” tab, find a new section under “Sentiment” reading “Website SEO” and featuring new screeners including Price/Organic Cost, SEMrush rank, SEO Organic Traffic, Price/Adwords Cost, and SEO Adwords Traffic. (The specific screeners and information about them can only be viewed by Advanced and above membership levels.)

Under the "Overview" tab:

Under the "Advanced" tab:

Currently, Website SEO has been generating alpha (outperforming the S&P 500), as shown by its weight of 42. Within the model, the highest performing screeners have been Price/Organic Cost, SEO Organic Cost change over 7 days, and Price/AdWords Cost, all with weights over 30.

Over a one month period, all of the top performing SEO screeners outperformed the S&P 500 by multiple percentage points. The SEO Organic Cost 7D Change screener outperformed it by over 45 percent!

Screener NameDescriptionTop Performance
Price/Organic CostScreener that ranks the stocks on ratio of the stock price and the estimated cost of the organic keywords in Google search per share.One month, basket of 25 stocks: up 3.98%; S&P: down 0.31%
SEO Organic Cost 7D ChangeScreener that ranks the stocks on last 7 days change in the estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords. Raw data from SEMRushOne month, basket of 5 stocks: up 46.56%; S&P: down 0.31%
Price/Adwords CostScreener that ranks the stocks on ratio of the stock price and the estimated budget spent buying keywords in Google AdWords for ads that appear in paid search results (monthly estimation) per share.One month, basket of 5 stocks: up 2.98%; S&P: down 0.31%

Click on any of the screeners or the “Website SEO” model to get to a ranking of stocks ordered by their performance within that screener/model. Below you can see the Website SEO model's specific performance in relation to the S&P. In the past day, the model has outperformed the S&P by over 7 points, over the past 5 days the model has outperformed it by over 2 points, and in its whole history the model has outperformed it by 0.7 points.

Going to the reports tab at the menu bar, you will find a tab called “SEO Stats.”

Clicking on this will get you to the “SEO Stats” page. On this page there is information about stocks and their Organic SEO stats, Google AdWords Stats, and Facebook Stats, including the SEMrush rating of the companies' websites (rating of a website's popularity based on organic traffic coming from Google), and number of Facebook likes.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of Wootrader's new web traffic data!

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