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If you are new to WooTrader you might benefit from a very basic primer explaining how WooTrader works and how it can work for you.

A good place to start is an easy to understand description of just what the WooTrader platform is and what it does.

What Is WooTrader?

Fundamentally, WooTrader is a stock research platform. As a trader or investor, you use it to find out which companies (and the stocks underlying those companies) are strongest at any given time.

WooTrader accomplishes this by processing hundreds of technical and fundamental stock screeners such as Analyst Price Targets, Implied Volatility and many more on a daily basis. Each screener is applied individually to more than 4,000 stocks and the results analyzed by WooTrader’s proprietary algorithm.


Grading From A To F

The net result, each day, is a page called Daily Rankings or General Woo. It’s the first page you see on the WooTrader website once you are signed in.

Daily rankings follow a simple A through F overall grading system, based on the results of those hundreds of screeners.

The Daily Rankings page provides a general ranked overview of all stocks in the WooTrader system. Historically the top stocks in the Daily Rankings/General Woo beat the S&P by multiple percentage points on a consistent basis.

Woo Wizard

If you want to invest with a little more specificity, you can use the Woo Wizard to find stocks based on your investment preferences. The Woo Wizard appears under the Reports drop-down menu at the top of the Daily Rankings page.

Preferences include whether you are Buying or Selling; your Time Frame (Often, Sometimes or Rarely); Basket (How many stocks you want in your basket?); and Risk (Safest, Risky or Very Risky).

Basically, the Woo Wizard presents you with a Daily Rankings page, customized for you.

Favorite Stocks Portfolio

You can create a portfolio of your favorites stocks or stock you wish to follow. To add a stock to a portfolio, from the Daily Rankings page, find the stock and click on the heart icon (under Actions).

Your initial portfolio will be your default portfolio. To add additional portfolios, click on Portfolios at the top of the Daily Rankings page. This will take you to the Portfolio Manager where you can add additional portfolios as needed.

Favorite Stocks Actions

Another helpful report is the one for Favorite Stocks Actions, which appears under Reports on the Daily Rankings page.

Once you have selected one or more favorite stocks, they will automatically appear in this report with respect to each stock’s expected short term growth or decline. The analysis will be shown as a grade (A-F).

You can also perform this analysis on all stocks by changing the tab in the upper left corner of the page.


Favorite Screeners Analysis

From the complete list of screeners, select one or more as your favorites. Then from the Favorite Screeners Analysis tab (under Reports), you can order your favorite stocks or all stocks by one or more of the screeners you have made your favorites.

This type of analysis is clearly for more seasoned investors, but having the ability to evaluate based on specific screeners is just one example of the powerful tools available to you on WooTrader.

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