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Previously, we reviewed Woo Trader’s Benzinga analysts’ ratings history history broadly.

This post dives a little deeper into information available on the Woo Trader platform that pertains to each individual analyst.

For example: From the Analysts Ratings History report main page, click on Bank of America.



Once there, click on the (middle) Overview tab to learn more about BOA’s team of analysts and how they are doing. You can see how many active ratings they have (517 as of this writing). This is further broken down by Outperform, Perform and Underperform.

On average BOA’s price target is about 26% higher than the current closing price of companies they cover. # Price Targets indicates the number of active price targets (currently 218). At the bottom appear the current High and Low price targets (as a % of the current price at the time the PT was issued).

Three additional quadrants reflect the same information from 1, 2 and 3 months ago. This allows you to see how data have changed over time.

Past Performance

The last tab is the Past Performance tab. This is a list of the past performance of all BOA analyst reports performance. There’s a list off all stocks, when the report was initiated, what the ratings were, where it started, ended, number days the rating was open and finally the end price and percentages.

For example: a report on Energy Transfer Equity LP (ETE) was initiated 2/17 with a rating of Perform. On that date opening price was $6.28 and the S&P opened at 1898.80. 15 trading days later, March 10, the stock closed at $7.75 and the S&P closed at 1981.44. ETE had an increase of 23% and the S&P 500 had an increase of 4.35% in that same period. This means ETE outperformed the S&P by 437% and the accuracy was 0. BOA analysts were not correct. They estimated ETE would match the S&P 500 when in fact it Outperformed it by a bunch.

Most accuracy ratings are either 0 or 100%. A few are 50% because the analysts were sort of correct but not exactly in their rating.


Stock Ratings

There’s a button at the top labeled Stock Ratings. Click the drop down and select Price Targets.

Now we have PT data for issuances that BOE has come out with. From left to right columns are Stock (Ticker), Info, Actions, Date (PT was issued), Target, Start Price, (PT) Valid Until, (Trading) Days (target was valid), Expected Price (when the target expired), Actual (price when target expired) and Accuracy.

If you click on any equity (ticker), from anywhere on the site, you will be brought to the Benzinga information page. Scroll down, click on the analysts’ tab and you will be brought to this quick overview.

You can see the total number of analysts currently covering the stock, as well as the ratings distribution. There’s also price information.

You can see this same data for now, 1 month ago, 2 months ago and 3 months ago.

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