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Woo Trader provides extensive data on analysts and their findings, direct from Benzinga.com.

When you first log on to Woo Trader, you'll see the Daily Rankings page. Click on the Reports tab at the top, scroll down and click on Analysts Ratings History.


Ratings History

This page includes analysts’ ratings and price target history loaded daily from Benzinga. These data are automatically sorted by time and date.

Starting on the left side, columns include the name of the Analyst, Stock covered, Date of the latest report and Time of day when that report was issued.

Continuing from left to right are columns containing the Prior rating for that stock, Action taken with the issuance of this rating, actual new Rating and Woo Trader global rank Then (when this new rating was issued).

Final columns include Prior price Target, price target Action taken (Announces, Raises, Lowers, etc.), new price Target and opening price of the stock on the day the new rating and/or price target was issued.

An Example Of Ratings History

For example, using a recent listing on the Analysts’ Ratings page, you can see that June 23, Jenny Capital

Assumed coverage of CrossAmerica Partners LP (NYSE:CAPLC) with a rating of Outperform. On that date Woo Trader’s global rank was C.

Jenny Announced an initial Price Target of $27.00, which was 11% higher than the opening price that day of $24.25.

Organizing The Data

By scrolling to the bottom of the Analysts’ Ratings page, you can see there are more than 4,700 pieces of analyst information on various stocks. You are able to browse the list as presented – ranked by date and time.

You can also change the ranking by clicking on any column head or you can use the search box at the top right to select by analyst or by stock ticker.

Individual Analysts

From the Analysts’ Ratings page, click on the name of a single analyst to get more information on that analyst.

For example: Click on Citi to see the breakdown for Citi analysts.

At the top of the page there will be a quick breakdown of Ratings and Price Targets. This information can help you understand how well that particular analyst is performing. Two important areas include Ratings Accuracy and Price Target Accuracy.

As of this writing, for example, with Citi, overall Ratings Accuracy is just 23.09% and overall Price Target Accuracy is 57.85%.

Those numbers compare with Ratings Weight and Price Target Weight respectively, which are adjusted to some extent by accuracy percentages and number of days covered by those particular analysts.

For Citi, the Ratings Weight of 36.04%, which is higher than the 23.09% Ratings Accuracy reflects the large number of ratings days. The Price Target Weight of 62.96% is also higher than Price Target Accuracy and also reflects the high number of Price Target Days for which there is data.


All Ratings

Below Ratings and Price Targets appears a table of all the different stocks for which the analyst has issued a rating and/or price target.

After the Stock ticker column, the next two, Info and Actions are standard for Woo Trader and provide the same data found on the Daily Rankings page.

The rest of the columns reflect information mentioned earlier in this post. Hovering over the column title an expanded title.

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