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Widget Spotlight #7 - Intrinio’s IEX Real-Time Stock Prices

Displaying real-time prices in widgets and using them in financial analytics adds real insight for users.

With FinanceBoards' web-based platform (no downloads needed), you can configure your dashboard(s) by selecting any of our 500+ financial data or information widgets, letting you review in one place only the financial data you're interested in. In the “Widget Spotlight” series, we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why it’s a widget you should consider adding to your dashboard(s).

The Widgets in the Spotlight today are Intrinio’s IEX’s Last Trades and Top of the Book Charts and have been created from IEX's data, integrated from Intrinio.

IEX Real Time Stock Prices by Intrinio

By seeing all the metric’s on the stocks real time pricing, these widgets can help you decide if the current price is a good time to sell or buy shares. So if you’re planning on selling or buying shares during the day, then these widgets can definitely meet your real time detail pricing analytical needs. Here is some more detail on each widget:

IEX Last Trades
  1. The current date of the Last Trades in Real Time
  2. The Actual Price of the stock sold
  3. Volume of shares sold.
IEX Last Trades Chart
- Shows the real time trades in graphical form where the green line goes up and down depending on the prices of the stock.

Intrionio's IEX real time stock prices

The widgets are showing Microsoft Corp's (NASDAQ:MSFTB) real time stock prices which represent the bid, ask, and last price data-points from the Investors Exchange(IEX).
IEX Top of the Book


  1. The current date of the trades in Real Time
  2. The Actual Bid Price for a stock
  3. The total Shares(stocks) for the specific bid price


  1. The current date of the trades in Real Time
  2. The Actual Asking Price for the stock
  3. The total Shares(stocks) for the specific asking price
IEX Top of the Book Chart

- The green line represents the visual real time asking price and the red line represents the visual real time bid price that varies depending on the Real Time price of the stock.

Intrino’s IEX Real Time Stock Prices are perfect Information Widgets that can be added to your FinanceBoards Stock Research Dashboard(s). To access the different subscription levels log into the FinanceBoards platform first and then pick the FinanceBoards Subscription Level that is right for you to bring Real Time Pricing to each stock that you are researching on the FinanceBoards platform.

The breadth of FinanceBoards’ research data and information widgets are much greater than real time stock prices though. You can also create any Widget yourself from any API and add them to your dashboards, either our premade ones or ones you’ve created. Signing up for a free account below is a great way to explore all the widgets FinanceBoards offers.

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