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Widget Spotlight #10: Model Screeners

With FinanceBoards' web-based platform (no downloads needed), you can configure your investing dashboard with any of our 500+ financial widgets. In the “Widget Spotlight” series, we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why it’s a widget you should consider adding to your dashboard(s).


Today’s widget is the Model Screeners widget.

This Widget shows the Screeners from over 400 screeners(Warren Buffet Strategy, AppStore Average Price, Insiders Holdings and many more...) that are part of each of the models(Valuation Ratios, Money Flow, TipRanks & Zacks Ratings and Price Targets and many more...) with their weights.

Under the Criteria, you can enter the “General Woo” which dynamically compiles all screeners and Woos and generates a global ranking for each covered stock. Each day, our system changes the way it weights each of these data points based on short, middle, and long term factors. This will show all the models under the screener column and the global weight on the next column.

In the image shown, the “Volatility” model has a global weight of 100.

So what is Volatilty? It is under the Model category, Technical analysis.

  • Investors consider stocks that move slowly over time safer than stocks with wild swings in short time periods. Portfolios often hold a mix of low and high volatility stocks. Volatility may or may not correspond to the health of the underlying company. Highly volatile stocks may mask longer-term price trends.

Clicking the model will redirect you to all stocks under Volatility model. Each stock will also show the current and yesterday’s ranking(color green) for your guidance in.

Now if we go back to the Model Screener… we can also enter directly the model itself. For example, Volatility.(see image below)

This time it shows the screeners that are included in the Volatility Model and the global and industry weight respectively.

Now if you click on the most weighted screener, Average True Range, it directs you to the indicators page of stocks experiencing an increased level of volatility which have a higher ATR.

The True Value of Model Screeners Widget for Research purposes is that it is completely searchable and one can enter any one of the Financeboards Screeners Models and then see the screeners that make up that Particular Model and their Global and Industry Weights based on the previous five trading days performance.

Plus, as a next step one can then see the ranking of over 4000 stocks in that particular Screener Category and do further research on the stocks that are listed by selecting the stock ticker and then going to the multiple dashboards of widget information and data that you have configured on your dashboards. And then as a next step you can access your brokerage account and invest in the stocks that through your research meet your investment criteria.

The Models Screeners Widget is a great Financeboards Models Screeners Information Widget that can be added to your FinanceBoards Stock Research Dashboard(s). To access the different subscription levels log into the FinanceBoards platform first and then subscribe to the Advanced Investing or the Professional Investing Level to bring the The Models Screeners Widget and the power of FinanceBoard’s predictive analytics to your FinanceBoards platform.

The breadth of FinanceBoards’ research data and information widgets are much greater than Model Screeners though. You can also create any Widget yourself from any API and add them to your dashboards, either our premade ones or ones you’ve created. Signing up for a free account below is a great way to explore all the widgets FinanceBoards offers:


Click here for a seven minute overview of FinanceBoards that includes the steps on how to add widgets such as these to your dashboard.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Widget Spotlight.

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