General Info

MV OIL TRUST is a statutory trust formed pursuant to a Trust Agreement (the Trust Agreement) among MV Partners, LLC (MV Partners) as trustor, The Bank of New York Trust Company, N.A., as Trustee (the Trustee), and Wilmington Trust Company, as Delaware Trustee (the Delaware Trustee). The Trust was formed to acquire and hold the net profits interest for the benefit of the trust unitholders. The business and affairs of the trust are managed by the trustee. The properties comprising the underlying properties, for which MV Partners is designated as the operator are operated on a contract operator basis by Vess Oil Corporation, and Murfin Drilling Company, Inc., each of which is an affiliate of MV Energy, LLC, the sole manager of MV Partners. MV Partners sells all of its oil production to third-party crude oil purchasers, including to three oil refineries located in McPherson, El Dorado and Coffeyville, Kansas