General Info

LRAD Corporation, formerly known as American Technology Corporation, is a provider of commercial, government, and military directed acoustics products. Its product lines include The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD?), NeoPlanar? and SoundSaber and HyperSonic Sound? (HSS?). The LRAD? is a high-intensity directional acoustic array designed for long-range communication and unmistakable warning. NeoPlanar? and SoundSaber products put out an intelligible column of sound and are used in outdoor and in-building mass communication systems. The HSS? technology uses ultrasonic energy to focus one's sound to one's intended listener and nowhere else. Its LRAD? directional sound systems are being used in applications including, fixed and mobile military deployments, maritime security, critical infrastructure and perimeter security, commercial security, border and port security, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, and wildlife preservation and control. The Company is based in San Diego, California.