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We don't stay satisfied very long here at WooTrader. We're always looking for the next amazing tool that can help you make better decisions that maximize your profits. We have a giant list of features we're building for 2016 but here's one we just rolled out--indicator values!


With 4,146 entries, the ranking screens have been changed to show the average values per industry, sector and the market cap weighted S&P 500 values. Showing the average value in the screen ranking can help you spread your investment risk over time. This will enable you to grow a position predictably by buying assets when it’s cheaper or buying less / selling assets when it becomes expensive.

Indicator Values

Steps to get to the above screen. From the landing page or any other model ranking page click any company. Select the “Advanced “ view from drop down menu. Here you will see the industry, sector, and S&P 500 weighted details.


There is an additional tab to display the industry average values.


There is an additional tab to display the sector average values.


A tab displays the market cap weighted and average values of all the indicators.


The rankings are now displayed by default in a simplified system (Excellent/Good/Neutral...) but users can select it in the Profile screen to display the full numbers of the rankings.

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