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Let’s discuss a popular means of limiting your stock searching down to a manageable chunk of options that fit into your strategy. Stock Screening allows you to set specific parameters and return a set of stocks that fit those parameters. With thousands and of stock choices available where should you start?

Identify your Sweet Spot

Various screener tools are going to require you to know how to build the parameters. However, innovative analytic systems introduce a simple yet powerful engine to run screener algorithms at the simple push of a button.

After reviewing and learning the specific calculations of the various screeners available, you may discover a specific screener that really speaks to you, or perhaps you just want to know what screeners are performing best in the current market. Using an easy to use Predictive Analytics system will return these results for you. Simply select a screener to run, and at the click of a button, stocks are ranked based on the best results for the specific screener parameters you selected.

Say for instance you learn that “Sales To Working Capital” as an indicator is:

The ratio between the revenue/sales and the working capital for the last four quarters. This ratio measures the ability of the company to use its working capital to generate sales.

And this really returns great results for you. Simply select this screener and analytic algorithms calculate on the fly to rank the best stock choices in regards to the set parameters. Investing now has become manageable and perhaps even a bit more personal towards your lifestyle.

As leaders in the Predictive Analytics model, Wootrader at www.wootrader.com is providing these services to meet the needs of the current day stock market traders.

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