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There are plenty of investing tools available to you online. At WooTrader, we're all about putting knowledge in the hands of everybody--not just the deep-pocket Wall Street trading firms that can afford a team of researchers and computers that can analyze and make trades in literally a split-second.But just because you found it online doesn't mean that it's right for you. We put together a chart that shows how WooTrader stacks up against some of the other platforms out there.

FinVizChartmillYChartsThink or SwimStock FetcherThe Screener COMorningstar (premium)Yahoo Finance screeners (free)Zacks (premium)WooTrader
Stock Rankings       
Stock Ratings        
Chart Mapping 
Screening View
Screener Rankings         
Watch List
Portfolio View   
Email/Automated Alerts    
Company profile data    
Broker Integration      
News Feed    
Flags - Bull & Bear        
Export/Print Tables   
Display Ads   

Once you look at the other platforms, we believe that you'll find WooTrader to be superior. It's already the most feature-rich of any of the platforms we reviewed. And many of the items on the list that we don't provide--don't worry, we're actively working on them.

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