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Wednesday was a good day for the stock market. Major benchmarks showed gains for the second day in a row. All this followed Monday’s slump which came following the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union last Thursday.

The U.S. economy appears solid as the Dow finished up 285 points. Some stocks apparently didn’t get the “feel good” memo Wednesday, begging the question, “Why?”

The answer, as is often the case, appears to be individualized for each loser.


AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAVC)

Drone-maker, AeroVironment dropped 6% after reporting Q4 results that included a revenue decline of 2%. The revenue decline resulted in a net income drop of almost 25%.

It didn’t help that the company’s primary segment – drones – was the main cause for the poor numbers. Oddly the efficient energy systems division actually boosted revenue from Q4 a year ago.

Despite the poor performance Wednesday, experts at The Motley Fool said the company could erase the day’s losses by developing a game plan to take advantage of anticipated growth in the drone industry.

Southwestern Energy (NYSE:SWNC)

Another 6% loser Wednesday, Southwestern dropped after announcing it would raise capital through a secondary stock offering, originally said to be 75 million shares – later increased to 86 million.

Part of the money is set to go toward repurchasing a portion of the company’s outstanding debt. The debt repurchase was a requirement imposed by Southwestern’s lenders.

Shareholders are not expected to be exactly joyful about the dilution in the offering, but as The Motley Fool noted, the debt restructure is at least sustainable moving forward.

Esperion Therapeutics (TSX:ESPRC)

Overshadowing the first two companies, pharma, Esperion Therapeutics dropped 40% Wednesday. As is often the case with pharmaceutical companies, part of the problem stemmed from a decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In this case, the U.S. FDA failed to clear a way for Esperion to obtain an indication for lowering cholesterol levels in patients who were intolerant to statins. The ruling could mean Esperion may not gain approval without further studies. This resulted in several Wall Street Analysts downgrading the stock.


Precious Metals Get A Brexit Boost

Brexit has been blamed – perhaps somewhat heavy handedly - for some stock losses since the vote Thursday. On the other hand, Brexit has also boosted some sectors, notably precious metals miners including Gold Fields Ltd. (NYSE:GFIB) and Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (NYSE:FSMC), both winners Wednesday.

GFI closed up nearly 11% Wednesday at $4.91. Fortuna ended the day in similar fashion, up more than 10% at $6.88. The reason for the rise is simple. Economic instability causes investors to seek a safe haven. Traditionally, no haven seems safer than gold or silver.

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