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Playing the Doha Talks Collapse

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Initial reaction to a failure by OPEC nations to reach agreement on an oil output freeze was not unexpected. Oil prices slid with Brent crude futures off nearly 7% then recovering to $41.80 per barrel early Monday morning. Benchmark U.S. crude was down 3.62% to $38.90 per barrel.

The Outlook For The 5 Major Banks With Failing Fed Grades

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This week the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation both said 5 of the nation’s 8 biggest largest banks had not presented “credible” plans for how they would wind themselves down in a crisis.

Cybersecurity Has Car Manufacturers Nervous

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Slowly but surely automobiles are becoming computerized. Computers, of course, can be hacked and nothing is scarier than the thought of your car being taken over by an evil hacker with toggle stick.

Cellular Streaming Video Is Now Officially A ‘Thing’

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Cellular companies have been trying for years to make sure everyone on the planet has a smartphone and a cellular subscription plan with lots of minutes, free texting and enough data to choke a horse. (Assuming horses ate cellular data.)

Will Whole Foods’ Coming Small Store Concept Work?

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Whole Foods Markets (:WFMN/A) recently confirmed a May 25 opening date for its “365 by Whole Foods Market” small-store concept in Los Angeles. The store is slated to feature a self-service tea bar, vegan fast-casual restaurant, online ordering and even custom uniforms for workers.

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