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Invest Better And Smarter

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Becoming a more successful investor, unless you’re counting on luck to pull you through, involves becoming a smarter investor. Of course, there’s no best answer or even best way to become successful at investing. There are things you can do and know that can help.

Stocks To Watch In 2018

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Investors looking ahead to next year seek companies that show growth potential. For some investors, the hunt concentrates mostly on low-priced stocks. Others are sector hunters in areas like tech. Most are interested in well-known names, priced right and ready to grow over the next 12 months.

The Emerging Role Of Passive Index Investing

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There is a general belief among investors that passive index investing is smart, safe and more importantly, widespread. A recent BlackRock study challenges the last part of that belief by noting that passive investing occupies just 7.4% or just over $5 trillion of the $68 trillion invested in the market.

Let The Chips Fall

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Broadcom Ltd. (NASDAQ:AVGOC) just made a $105 billion takeover bid for Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOMC), an unsolicited move that marks the chip industry’s biggest potential takeover ever. The bid comes at a time when the world is becoming more and more populated with chip-driven devices.

Why M&A Deals Fail

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The highest proportion of failed acquisitions since the start of the financial crisis took place in 2016, according to a long-term study by IntraLinks and Cass Business School. More than 7% of M&A deals failed to go through last year.

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