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The Dangers Of Volatility Trading

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Volatility is a measure of the uncertainty or risk related to changes in the value of a security. High volatility suggests the value of the security will be wider (both positive and negative) and low volatility indicates the value will change at a steadier pace over time.

How To Handle Market Mayhem

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The recent stock selloff in the U.S., Europe and Asia resulted in all 3 regions giving up their 2018 gains after two days of trading. Hedging only slightly, Tim Anderson, managing director at TJM Investments said, “This is the first time in a while I’d say it feels like borderline panic-type selling.” That near panic, which led to yelling on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, was something not seen since Brexit vote according to Anderson.

When The Dollar Falls

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Monday the U.S. dollar traded slightly higher against the euro and the pound. This followed Friday’s news of a pickup in wage growth a possible signal of impending inflation. The inflation fears sent risky assets lower on the implication the Federal Reserve might raise interest rates making borrowing costlier for business.

Do-It-Yourself Investing

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The 3 main choices people have for investing include hiring a professional financial adviser, using an algorithm-based robo adviser and do-it-yourself. There are arguments for and against all 3 approaches as well as arguments in favor of a hybrid approach that utilizes 2 or 3 systems.

Digging In On Diversification

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The idea of having a diversified investment portfolio, part of Harry Markowitz’ Nobel Prize winning modern portfolio theory (MPT), is so ingrained in the minds of investors today that sometimes even the most experienced people who play the market fail to consciously take diversification into account when making buy and sell decisions.

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