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Should You Prepare For A Bear?

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To be clear, nobody knows for sure when the current bull market will be replaced by a bear market. All anyone knows is that it will happen. There are signs that the final stages of the 8 ½ year bull run may be getting closer.

M&A In North America Predicted To Drop 11% In Q1 2018

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The latest IntraLinks Deal Flow Predictor, released Nov. 16, forecasts that worldwide M&A announced deals in Q1 2018 will increase by 2% compared to Q1 2017. Deals in North America, however, are expected to drop 11%.

How To Handle General Electric

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Following the recent announcement by General Electric Co. (NYSE:GEC) that it would cut dividends by 50% and restructure to focus on aviation, health care and power, analysts and investors began to weigh in with proposed strategies to deal with the shake-up of this historical conglomerate.

FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #25: EPS Estimates - Annual Changes

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With 30 companies to be able to research on one widget with huge percentage EPS Estimates Annual Changes this widget created from Zacks Data may make it an interesting one to place on your FinanceBoards Research Dashboard(s)because the top-ranked companies on it are the ones where the consensus is that they have the largest estimated EPS upswing potential.

The National Debt And Investing

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We hear a lot about our growing national debt along with debate about whether it is really bad or just part of the landscape in government. There are arguments about the effect of our national debt but when it comes to investors and investing, there are several things worth considering.

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