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Using A Benchmark To Measure Risk

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A benchmark is a standard or base used to compare the allocation, risk and return of a portfolio. The comparison can be for any period. Typically, benchmarks are represented by indices in the form of ETFs or mutual funds that represent an asset class.

Maybe You Should Bet On Banks

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Some analysts are noting that investors have been moving away from the tech sector and toward financials. There have been suggestions that the momentum toward bank stocks will continue well into 2018.

Tax Reform Winning Stocks

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What do Schlumberger NV (NYSE:SLBC), Target Corp. (NYSE:TGTC), AT&T Inc. (NYSE:TC), Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFCC), The Hershey Co. (NYSE:HSYC), Hormel Foods Corp. (NYSE:HRLC) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. (NYSE:DPSC) have in common? According to CNBC, these stocks could be big winners once Republican-led tax reform becomes law.

Candlestick Charts

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Candlestick charts, which originated in Japan, are popular with some traders and investors. They represent a wide-range of information, are easy to read and easy to interpret. The chart itself consists of a body that looks like the fat part of a candle. It typically has a tail or wick on both ends.

Understanding The Crypto Craze

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With bitcoin trading at more than $11,500 recently, the cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of traders and investors worldwide. Because bitcoin was trading at $960.79 Jan. 1 of this year, the interest is not a surprise.

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