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Wednesday Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPLB) will introduce the new iPhone 7 (or possibly the iPhone 6se depending on which rumors you believe). The new phone will – for better or worse – go up against the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the never-ending battle for supremacy in cellphone dominance.

Interestingly, this time around, Apple is apparently trying a different strategy touting mostly cosmetic improvements instead of new features. That’s not to say there won’t be any new features – just that they won’t likely be especially significant.


iPhone 7/iPhone 6se Features

Perhaps the most significant anticipated new features will include an upgrade to the camera, a pressure-sensitive home button and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The “Plus” version of the new phone will likely have a powerful “dual lens” camera. That’s about it. As far as new features go, it’s a short list.

Moreover, one component – removal of the headphone jack – is actually causing some controversy.

Goodbye Headphone Jack

In a move designed to make the phone thinner and to improve water resistance, Apple’s rumored plan to remove the headphone jack has not been met with enthusiasm. One main reason is the fact removing the jack makes existing wired headphone jacks obsolete.

Some of the sting may go away if, as expected, Apple ships the new “jack less” phone with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Cosmetically Speaking

With so little to brag about feature-wise, Apple’s latest iPhone iteration might be trying to appeal to style and fashion sense more than anything else. Whether that will inspire iPhone 6 owners to cough up bucks for the new phone remains unknown.

Based on data from iQuanti search engine, the second most popular search term for the new phone after “iPhone 7” is “iPhone 7 color.” It’s expected the new model will be available in at least one new color – likely a choice of several black finishes.

The Competition

Samsung and its flagship Galaxy S7 was not developed or sold based on cosmetic features. It was developed, as is almost always the case with Samsung, on the philosophy that bigger is better and that processing speed and storage were watchwords for Samsung customers.

Interestingly, as the universe of new features becomes smaller, Apple’s fashion and cosmetic approach may actually be an attractive path forward.


Wall Street May Ignore This One

Some observers have speculated that Wall Street and the investor class may not bite on the buzz this time around. In other words, the usual excitement surrounding a new release at Apple may not be in the cards. time around. In other words, the usual excitement surrounding a new release at Apple may not be in the cards.

Many analysts expect sales growth to be muted. Even sales during the holiday quarter could fall below last year’s 75 million phones sold. Instead, many analysts are already looking ahead to next year’s 10th anniversary iPhone release.

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