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If you like trading volatility, you probably love earnings season. Every 3 months publically traded companies around the world report their quarterly earnings. Sometimes their stock’s reaction is muted or relatively boring but other times, it’s epic. Stocks may gain or lose more than half of their value based on a single earnings statement.

Announcing Our FREE Earnings Screen

Even if you aren’t a volatility trader, earnings season can sometimes present prime opportunities to buy your favorite company at a discount when earnings disappoint.

At WooTrader, we’re always trying to give you the information you need in a format that’s easy to understand.

We’re excited to announce our new earnings screen and it’s available FREE to everybody! You don’t have to be a WooTrader member (although you could be—click here) to see our earnings screen.

How it Works

By default, our table is ordered by earnings date. Any earnings announcements happening today will be at the top of the screen. You can click any of the headings to organize the table by that column or type the company’s stock ticker into the search bar to see just that stock.

In the Info column on the left side of your screen, you can see detailed information about the stock, any news related to the company, and any other information that we think will be important to you.

The “WR” ranking is WooTrader’s proprietary ranking based on more than 86 million data points that we dynamically weight based on current market conditions. You can learn more about our ranking system here.

We all know that a stock’s reaction to its earnings report is based on what other big investors think of the report. “The Street” has an expectation and how the stock measures up to the expectation is what causes the movement.

Because of that, most of our table is devoted to what these market movers have established as the expectation. Zacks is a highly respected data source that every serious investor knows well. We included Zacks rating of the stock and its price target.

“The Street” section compiles all of the known analyst ratings for the stock and reports the consensus estimate.

The stock may end up having a bad earnings report but analysts believe that the long term growth for the company is solid. We have that listed in the “Long Term” section.

Tip Ranks is another well-respected data source that compiles information from more than 4,000 Wall Street analysts, 5,500 financial bloggers, and 300 hedge fund managers. You’ll find that in our table as well.

Finally, we list the past earnings information including the percentage of times the stock surprises The Street. Knowing how volatile the stock was in the past can help you better gauge the risk/reward of your trade.


We don’t recommend that you commit any significant portion of your portfolio to trading earnings unless you’re a highly advanced trader but buying quality companies that drop in value due to earnings makes sense if you plan to hold for the longer term.

This FREE report is all you need to get up-to-speed on who’s reporting earnings and what The Street believes will be in the report.

And if you’re new to WooTrader and just now checking it out, head to our home page and read more. You can try it out for free for 30 days.

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