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Making money in the stock market is hard. Only a few decades ago, the stock market moved as fast as humans could pick up a telephone and place orders. Market moving news came at a much slower pace giving market analysts more time to study and adjust to changing market conditions.

Today, automatic trading by computers makes up the majority of trades. In less time than it takes to blink an eye, computers are moving markets based on the rapid 24/7 news cycle.

How does anybody keep up with a market that changes so fast?

At WooTrader, we asked the same question. For years, Wall Street gurus have relied on a mix of technical and fundamental indicators. Popular metrics like P/E ratio, quarterly revenue, and 50 day moving averages have dominated analyst playbooks. But those computers that are making most of the market trades may not look at any of those metrics right now.

The metrics that are moving the market are constantly changing, so the information you’re using to evaluate the market should change too. That’s why we developed our dynamic investment strategy. Each night, our system analyzes the day’s data and compares them with past data. Data that is clearly moving the market is given more weight in our calculations while less influential data has less of an impact on a stock’s ranking.

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For years, even the professionals have underperformed the market. At WooTrader, we know that your retirement savings is tied to the stock market. You might be saving for your children’s college education or the purchase of your first home. You can’t afford to underperform the market.

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