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WooTrader continues to grow. As our customers talk, we listen, so we’re constantly adding new features that will make your trading even more profitable. We thought we would take a minute and tell you about 3 of our favorite WooTrader tools.

3 Awesome WooTrader Features You Want to Try TODAY!

Woo Wizard

WooTrader now has well over 4,000 stocks in our database. That’s a lot of data to sift through so we wanted to give you a way of viewing only the stocks that would fit your risk investing profile. That’s where the Woo Wizard comes into play. All you have to do is tell us 4 things about you—if you’re buying or short selling, how often you plan to trade, how many stocks you want in your basket, and your level of risk.

The Woo Wizard goes to work hunting through our massive database and displays a screen that has our favorite picks that fit your criteria.

You could choose the top 10 or substitute some of the names that are lower on the list. They aren’t arranged by the size of the company or any other fundamental criteria so make sure to research each stock before committing money.

Industry Tab

Maybe individual stock picking isn’t your cup of tea. It’s exceptionally hard to do well if you’re not buying and holding for a longer period of time so many investors choose to invest in sectors. They can do that through ETFs, purchasing baskets of stocks,or other, more advanced means but just like stocks, sectors are constantly falling in and out of favor.

We wrote an article on sector rotation that you might find helpful (Click here) if you don’t know much about it but check out the industry tab. You’ll find each sector ranked and rated with the best performing sectors listed at the top. Taking a long position in our “A” ranked sectors isn’t necessarily a good idea because you may be late to the move but if you watch this screen and notice a sector moving up from the bottom, that may be a good buy.

Best Performing Screeners

If you’re a data junkie, you’re going to love the Best Performing Screeners report. You know that WooTrader works differently than other platforms. Each screener factors in to the overall Woo rating but how much effect each has changes daily based on the market. This report shows the best performing screeners over the past 7 days.

If you’re a technical stock picker and you love your Bollinger Bands, check out this screen to see what would happen if you picked stocks that looked great on a Bollinger Bands screen. Would they outperform or underperform the market? You could do the same thing with Forward P/E stats or even dividend yield. Our stocks that have an impressive yield outperforming the market? This screen will tell you.

Bottom Line

There you have it. Three of our favorite WooTrader tools, but these are only a few that we like. We’re constantly adding new features. We’ll keep you updated as new features arrive. For now, remember to always research stocks on your own. We’re confident that we can point you in the right direction for research ideas but you should always know what you own and know it really well.

Happy Trading!

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