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Interview with our founder

May 2, 2016

"WooTrader proves what startups can accomplish when they get the data they need...With the recent release of a Wall Street-ready API, WooTrader’s client base is now expanding to hedge funds and investment banks."

Benzinga FinTech Awards

March 21, 2016

"Meet The Company That's Taking Stock Analysis To A Whole New Level - WooTrader, a predictive analytics tool to find trading and investing opportunities. "

Tradier Integration

December 14, 2015

"Investors using the weighted predictive analytics model gain ability to buy and sell stocks directly from the Wootrader platform with Tradier's brokerage API integration."

Affordable Analytics

December 3, 2015

"By automatically selecting the best performing screeners, Wootrader allows even beginner investors to use advanced data such as options volatility and analytics, social sentiments, and guru strategies,. on top of technical analysis and company fundamentals."

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The Benefits

Over 4000 Stocks

WooTrader tracks 3500 stocks traded on the US exchanges and includes some Canadian companies trading in the US and ADRs.

Fast & Easy To Use

We have optimized WooTrader to give you money-making stock picks in seconds. No need to configure screeners or search for the latest stock data. You can if you want to but it’s in no way necessary.

Quick Stock Picking

Simply log in and see a list of our favorite stocks complete with details important to you. That’s it. Don’t get overwhelmed by massive amounts of data. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Market Data & Insights

If you’re a pro, you may want more detail. Our 375 screeners range from basics such as the P/E Ratio to specifics like the Chaikin Money Flow Index if you really want to get technical. WooTrader is perfect for the novice and the pro investor.

Unparalleled Performance Research

Want to see which data points are performing the best right now? How about the best performing sectors? No need to use multiple platforms to find the research you need. We have it all right here.

Walkthroughs and Help

Everything in WooTrader comes with an explanation. Never heard of Williams Percent Range? We’ll tell you about it before you dive into the screener.

The WooTrader Method


Measures the Performance of Screeners

Every day WooTrader measures the performance of each screener vs. the markets. Then it assigns weights to each screener within its Woo.


Measures the Performance of Woos

Once the screeners are weighted, WooTrader measures the performance of each Model and assigns it a weight of its own.


Generates New Rankings

With the new weights assigned, WooTrader generates an overall ranking for each stock as well as industry rankings. Just want to see the data? You can view each of our 375 screeners and analyze stocks on your own.

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