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We are really making 2016 a very exciting year for the investing community. Here’s another new feature we rolled out for you- Wootrader PDF Report for advanced investors, investing advisors and financial institutions with just a click of a button!

Wootrader Pdf Report Features

If you are pressed for time, need to provide your research to clients, or always on the go, no problem. You can preview, generate, and download a company report in PDF format on any computer or mobile device and read them later.

How to find the PDF Report

Login to Wootrader. Once you’re in the Daily Ranking page, simply hover the cursor on a Stock ticker or company name and information about the company will appear. Once you have chosen the company, click the company name and you will be directed to that company page that contains all of it's data. If you wish to download or print a PDF report, just click the red PDF button on top and presto! A latest PDF Report… easy, right?

What is in the PDF Report?

In this report you will find the following:

  • An overview of company fundamentals, technical analysis, analysts estimates, sentiments, options, stocks, fair value, and gurus. If you want to get into more detailed information, just continue scrolling down- the report covers the portfolio as a whole as well as each constituent stock the portfolio is composed of.
  • You will also find psych signal and worthwhile financial related news to keep you updated.
  • A comprehensive report with just a single click of a button… Anytime. Anywhere.

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