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From the makers of Wootrader comes FinanceBoards!

The FinTech industry is split into two camps. The first is the institutional systems with many decades of in-depth data. Investment pros use these tried and true systems as their go-to, all-in-one systems for gathering and analyzing data.

But there’s a relatively new kid in town as well. The new Internet is becoming full of laser-focused startups with unique datasets. They aren’t trying to do a lot of things well; they want to be exceptional in one niche. More and more finance industry professionals are finding the value in using multiple platforms because the quality of the data is often better and packaged in a new innovative way. Machine learning and big data are staples in these systems.

These two camps present a problem. What about the person who wants to use both the legacy (traditional) systems and the new models? In an ideal world, data could be combined so the user doesn’t have to pick one side or another and they don’t need 6 computer screens to run multiple systems.

FinanceBoards solves that problem. Think of FinanceBoards as sitting in the middle of the two camps collecting data from each and displaying it on one dashboard.

Use Case #1

Sounds compelling but how can a person use FinanceBoards in a real-world situation. Let’s say that you’re an oil trader. You know that when terrorist events happen or battles take place, oil often becomes volatile. You also know that bad weather in the Gulf of Mexico forcing platforms to shut down will affect prices as well. You could use FinanceBoards to construct a screen that has real-time oil prices, a newsfeed focusing on the Middle East, and a feed reporting the latest weather and related news in the Gulf of Mexico

Use Case #2

Now, let’s assume that you’re a technology analyst. Your job is to keep clients updated on the latest data that would affect Silicon Valley companies. Your FinanceBoard could include a screen that reports web traffic for the companies you follow, App Store installs, search volumes, and of course, real time stock tickers, charts, and overall market data.

You Configure it!

What makes FinanceBoards so powerful is the fact that we don’t tell you which datasets you need. You decide what your board looks like. We have over 350 pre-defined datasets but you can also pull in data from sources you use in your industry. And you don’t need a massive landscape of monitors to do it. (Unless you want them, of course!)

We’re presenting FinanceBoards at FinDEVr in Silicon Valley on October 19 at 2:45. And, of course, we’ll have it ready for you to try very soon.

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