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Widget Spotlight #5: Company Information Chart

With FinanceBoards' web-based platform (no downloads needed), you can configure your dashboard(s) by selecting any of our 500+ financial data or information widgets, which lets you review in one place only the financial data you're interested in. In the “Widget Spotlight” series, we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why over why you should consider adding it to your dashboard(s).

The Widget in the Spotlight today is TradingView’s Company Information Chart.

The TradingView Company Information Chart displays:

  • The daily share price, which can be configured for over three years of data to the current share price (which updates in real time when the market is open).
  • The current day’s range and where the current share price falls within that range.
  • The current share price in green (for an increase in value.) or in red (for a decrease in value).
  • The most recent headline news articles on the stock.

This widget is a great graphical display of a stock’s historical and current price, including intra-day highs and lows. (The previous daily stock share price is searchable right within the widget.)

Combining the current price with the latest news articles is an immediate aid in seeing what could be impacting the current share price. Of course, there are many other specific news widgets available on the platform, and one of our next spotlights will be highlighting them, but this widget allows you to see live price and news updates in one widget.

The TradingView Company Information Chart is a great widget to add to any of your Financeboards stock researching dashboards. Positioning it near the top of the dashboard gives you a live share price for the stock being researched.

Moving the widget to the top of the dashboard

Changing the widget's ticker updates the widget immediately

There are several other TradingView Widgets that can be selected from the over 500 pre-created Financeboards Widgets available on the platform (Of course, you can also create your own widgets from any API available to you and apply them to one of the many pre-created dashboards available on the platform or even configure your own).

For example: another preconfigured TradingView widget is The TradingView Stock Information widget, which graphically shows an up to five-year stock price history along with different metrics like Market Cap, PE, EPS, Beta, Open Price, Live Price, and the Previous Day’s Stock Share Price.

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