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Widget Spotlight #4: Monthly Returns

Seeing monthly returns on one widget can be telling.

With FinanceBoards' web-based platform (no downloads needed), you can configure your dashboard(s) by selecting any of our 500+ financial data or information widgets, letting you review in one place only the financial data you're interested in. In the “Widget Spotlight” series, we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why it’s a widget you should consider adding to your dashboard(s).

The Widget in the Spotlight today is the Monthly Returns widget.

For the last 12 months, the Widget displays:

  • The Monthly positive (in Green) or negative (in Red) returns of a stock as a percentage.

This graphical widget is a great tool for seeing a month by month history in the % change in the value of a stock. This allows you to see what trends might be occurring, the volatility of the stock, and of course the 12 month history of the stock’s change in value.

Here we see Apple’s monthly returns. While Apple has decreased in price this last month, meaning a negative trend, 10 out of the last 12 months have had positive returns. However, only in one of those months (Feb 2017) were the returns greater than 10%. If we type a different ticker at the top left of the widget, let’s say Tesla, we’ll see a different story.

For the last year, Tesla’s had monthly returns over 10% six separate times. That’s very impressive. However, Tesla’s also had negative price change during five months, while Apple only had two. Both these points show us that Tesla’s price is more volatile in Apple’s, something that may be good or bad depending on the investor. However, Tesla’s had positive returns during the last months, meaning it’s trending more positive than Apple is.

The Monthly Returns can also be seen in other widget formats like bar charts or table listings comparing the stock's returns to those of the S&P 500. However, the Monthly Returns Widget is the most unique representation of a stock’s returns.

You can of course take any of these widgets or ones that you've created yourself from an API and add them to the dashboards, either our pre-made ones or ones you've created. To learn more about this, click here for a seven minute overview of FinanceBoards that includes the steps on how to add widgets such as these to your dashboard.

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