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Widget Spotlight #3- Quandl Equity Short Interest

Without short-selling, it can be very difficult to make money from a downbeat market.”

With FinanceBoards' web-based platform (no downloads needed), you can configure your dashboard(s) by selecting any of our 500+ financial data widgets, letting you review in one place only the financial data you're interested in. In the “Widget Spotlight” series, we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why it’s a widget to consider adding to your dashboard.


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The widget in the spotlight today is Quandl Equity Short Interest widget.

Quandl Equity Short Interest

The widget displays:
  1. The Settlement Date twice per month from May of 2012 until present time
  2. The Short Interest
  3. The Average Volume
  4. The Days to Cover

Short Interest is the number of shares sold and not yet repurchased.

In the example above, Apple’s Days to cover in the month of May is 1.46 days with an average daily share volume of 34.20 million. As with any of our stock-related widgets, typing a stock’s ticker or name in the top left will update the widget with that stock’s information.

With this widget on your dashboard, you can monitor easily over 4000 stocks and have the ability to short sell a stock thus allowing you to profit from a falling stock’s share price.

Short Interest can be a telling indicator. Unlike the fundamentals of a company, it requires little or no calculations. It can also help provide valuable insight into what sentiment investors have toward a particular company or exchange.

For those who prefer more visuals, we have the same widget but in chart form.

Short Interest - Chart version

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our next "Widget Spotlight" post.

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