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Widget Spotlight #13: The Analyst Ratings History

Knowing what some of the most recent institutional analyst’s ratings have been for a company and their performance direction predictions and timing plus their last rating can be another good research and investment indicator.

With FinanceBoards, you can configure your researching and investing dashboard(s) with any of our 500+ financial data or information widgets. In our Widget Spotlight Series, we pick one or a group of these widgets, and explain how it works and go over why you should consider adding them to your FinanceBoard dashboard(s).

The Widget in the Spotlight today is the Analyst Ratings History.

The Analyst Ratings History Widget which lists ratings data collected by our Data partner Benzinga and shows the date of the rating, the name of the Institution issuing the analyst’s rating, the rating, the action that they are taking and their previous rating.

Examples of some of the ratings for example a company with a hold recommendation is expected to perform at the same pace as comparable companies or in-line with the market. While a company with an outperform is an analyst recommendation meaning a stock is expected to do slightly better than the market return.

Adding the Analyst Ratings History Widget to any of your FinanceBoards Research Dashboards gives you an excellent indicator of the Institutional analyst sentiment on the Company being researched. It gives you their rating of where they believe the direction of the Company’s stock price is going in the future relative to comparable companies and the overall market.

Instantaneous Comparisons can also be made by entering the Ticker symbol for the Company Comparison to be made and then seeing all the ratings for that particular company appear on the Comparison Analyst Ratings History Widget along with all the other Widgets of information that have been placed on that particular research and investment dashboard. Importantly, with FinanceBoards you are also able access all your other Dashboards of Financial Data and Information all on one screen.

The breadth of FinanceBoards’ research data and information widgets are much greater than just the Analyst Ratings History Widget though. You can also create any Widget yourself from any API and add them to your dashboards, either our premade ones or ones you’ve created. Signing up for a free account below is a great way to explore all the widgets FinanceBoards offers.


Click here for a seven minute overview of FinanceBoards that includes the steps on how to add widgets such as these to your dashboard.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Widget Spotlight.

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