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Introducing Wootrader's integration with the low fee brokerage Tradier. We have just completed our integration with Tradier brokerage Inc. and starting beta testing. This integration allows users to purchase and sell stocks directly from within the Wootrader system: Once you are finished using our weighted measurements to hone in on the desired stock to purchase, simply click a button to purchase. This integration will aggregate the account and trading information that you have placed through this Tradier integration.

Wootrader now provides the ability to retrieve the purchased and sold stocks (positions) and you will be able to use the powerful Wootrader engine to keep an eye on your holdings. Once the integration is enabled you will see several new tabs available within the Profile tab, these will allow you to monitor the Tradier Accounts, Positions, Orders and Executions. This new data from the bought and sold stocks retrieved in real-time by the Wootrader engine so that you can see your positions ranked and use Wootrader to get insight into which of your positions need to be sold in the short term or which ones can be increased.

Tradier Inc. delivers trading, real-time market data, and simple, seamless account opening and funding for investors and traders. Now with this collaboration Wootrader becomes the only place where you will be able to see your placed Orders weighted and ranked.

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