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Frequently Asked Questions

WooTrader tracks stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and TSX, covering over 4500 US stocks as well as foreign stocks trading on the US stock markets.

Yes, you can cancel your WooTrader membership at any time

WooTrader updates it's data daily - usually shortly before the trading day starts at 9:30.

WooTrader is not meant to be used for day trading, The data is downloaded daily shortly before the start of the trading day and then the new rankings are calculated. The daily rankings generated by WooTrader are meant to be used throughout the trading day.

No, you can still lose money in the stock market, even using WooTrader. If you are new to the stock market, we recommend to first start using a simulation investing service and invest with 'virtual' money, before risking and making real trades.

WooTrader ranks stocks based on our advanced dynamic investing strategy, but we do not make 'buy' or 'sell' recommendations. We strongly recommend contacting a professional financial adviser for actual investments.

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