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Do you want to make better investment decisions? So do we. To that end we channeled some of our best ideas and came up with several new features you can use. These features include information related to Insider transactions, Institutional transactions and additional data to supplement your research.


Select A Stock

You can access many of these new features from the Daily Rankings page of WooTrader. Select the stock of your choice by clicking on its ticker or by entering a particular ticker in the ‘Search’ tab at the upper right portion of the screen.

Just below the company summary you will see a menu bar with various categories including: Ranking, Strategies, Financials, Analysts and more. This is where you will find many of the new features.

Click The ‘Stock’ Link

Under this section, you will find Price and Volume History in graphical format as well as information about insider transactions related to that company.

The Insider page (under the Historical drop down menu), displays Insider Holdings including the total $ value, % of shares held by insiders and the number of shares they hold. This page also includes an insider score label (above the Insider Holdings title) based on insider stock transaction information conducted by Zacks.

Holdings Overview

Click the Holding Overview tab to see detailed Transactions and Breakdown of activities over various time periods – 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

With insider holding information, investors are able to see the number of insiders buying and what level in the company they are.

Institutions Page

The Institutions page (also under the Historical drop down menu) lists institutions with information about the shares they hold, the name of the owners, and a control analysis.

This page provides investors with net buying activity of large financial organizations who usually buy huge amounts of a company’s shares.

Concentration Page

The Concentration page (under the Holders drop down menu) provides detailed information about total institutional holdings, including total amount, % of institutions, etc.

This page also breaks the same information down by the top 50, top 20 and top 10 institutional holders of this company’s stock.

Style Page

The Style page (also under Holders) breaks institutional holdings down by style including Aggressive Growth, Growth, Growth at a reasonable price, Value, Deep Value, Income and Passive/Index.

That information is broken down further by total holdings, % of institutions and so forth – just like with the Concentration page.

Daily Rankings Info Column

On the Daily Rankings page under the Info column, you will find three icons.

The first icon (i) displays stock activities, ratings, history, competitors, institutions, social and stocks. The second icon (lightning) provides news, profile and analyst rating. The last icon (!) displays additional stock trading info.


World & USA Maps

Finally, the new World Map and USA Map, which appear under the Reports drop down menu on the Daily Rankings page, are heat maps showing different companies ranked by WooTrader around the world or across the country.

Some of the data displayed include WooTrader Rankings, price changes, number of companies, market cap, daily volume and employee counts.

You can get instant information about a stock from different countries of the world and different states in the USA just by hovering over the state/country in question. Get more detailed information by clicking.

Use WooTrader now and start achieving your financial goals.

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