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Widget Spotlight #2- Last Year Price Change

A great way to see the last year’s greatest stock price changes all in one widget.

With FinanceBoards, you can configure your researching and investing dashboard(s) with any of our 500+ financial data or information widgets. In our "Widget Spotlight" series we pick one of these widgets, explain how it works, and go over why you should consider adding it to your Financeboards dashboard(s).

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The Widget in the Spotlight today is the Last Year Price Change widget.

This widget displays:

  1. The Ticker Symbol and ranking of the 30 stocks with the largest percentage increase in price over the previous year.
  2. The last price of that ranked stock.
  3. The year’s % change in that stock's price.

This makes this widget a great research widget because it allows you to each day review the top 30 stocks that had the largest increase in value over the previous year. From here, you can try to determine what caused the change and if it’s a change that can be sustained going forward.

When researching any of the top 30 stocks, the process you might follow would be to enter the ticker of the stock you’re researching in the stock search tab at the top of the page and then go through one of or more of the dashboards that are available or that you've created and view the data that is available to further determine if an investment should follow. You can take any of our widgets (or ones that you've created) and apply them to these dashboards!


Typing a ticker


Researching a stock

In this widget's case, there are also Price Change Widgets available for the last week, month and day.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our next "Widget Spotlight" post.

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