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Elon Musk’s Grand Scheme Shines A Light On Solar

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According to Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLAC) founder and CEO, Elon Musk, his plan to have Tesla buy SolarCity Corp. (:SCTYN/A), another company he founded, was a no-brainer.

The World According To Woo Trader

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In addition to both insider and institutional investor data, Woo Trader also uniquely provides information on companies ranked by country on a world map and by state on a map of the USA.

Woo Trader Insider And Institutional Data

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When evaluating a publicly owned company, savvy traders and investors want to know about two classes of shareholders – insiders and institutions.

Brexit And The U.S. Stock Market

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Great Britain votes Thursday on whether it should leave the European Union, a move known as Brexit. The vote will decide the question but it will not guarantee either an outcome in Europe or what the impact will be on American markets.

Home Depot Lawsuit And 3 Companies That Might Benefit

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Home improvement chain, The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HDC) filed a lawsuit in federal court this week accusing credit card issuers, MasterCard Incorporated (NYSE:MAC) and Visa Inc. (NYSE:VC) of restricting merchants from offering more secure transactions. According to Home Depot, these restrictions will result in higher transaction fees due to fraudulent charges.

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