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It may seem obvious. A company’s earnings represent profit (or loss). The more profit, the more valuable the stock (and vice versa). Public companies report earnings every 3 months during a period investors call earnings season.It’s important for you as an investor or trader to keep track of when companies in your portfolio are set to report. Fortunately, that’s easy to do at WooTrader by going to our free (as in “no cost to your whatsoever”) earnings calendar located here.

Oil Hits $50 A Barrel But Analysts Remain Cautious

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After going just north of $50 a barrel during the day Thursday, U.S. oil prices dipped slightly by the end of the day closing at $49.31. Thursday’s high represented the first time in 7 months crude prices had been above the $50 benchmark.

Activist Investors Wage War With Big Oil

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Annual shareholder meetings took place for Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOMD) and Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVXC) Tue. Attending shareholders included activist investors who are worried about climate change.Those investors want the companies whose stock they own to map out and share their plan for dealing with a potential world in which oil is not the big money maker it is today. It’s not just activists who want to know the plan. Traditional investors are concerned as well.

Your Phone Doesn't Ring And That Makes Phone Companies Mad

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Have you noticed? Your smartphone seldom rings. Nor, for that matter, your landline (if you still have one). Instead, most people communicate via text messages or some other chat variant.

Bayer’s Monsanto Bid Reaction And Fallout

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The jury is out – way out – on whether German pharmaceutical and agricultural giant, Bayer, will succeed in its attempt to take over U.S. based Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MONC). If successful, the merger would create the world’s largest seed and farm chemical company.

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