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New Fiduciary Rule Winners And Losers

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The financial services industry waged a fierce campaign against the Department of Labor’s new so-called “fiduciary” rule requiring retirement advisers to follow a stricter standard with their clients.

What Are Corporate Inversions?

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Monday the U.S. Treasury took action to discourage U.S. companies from undertaking a corporate inversion for the purpose of avoiding U.S. taxes. Treasury said it was only going after “serial inverters” or companies that have engaged in multiple inversions.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Tesla Model 3?

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Forbes calls it a “game changer” citing an incredible 276,000 orders taken for Tesla Motors’ (NASDAQ:TSLAC) just announced Model 3. This is for a car that won’t even be available until 2017. Maybe.

6 U.S. Companies And Their Overseas Untaxed Billions

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The Panama Papers scandal. The Obama administration’s new rules limiting inversion. All of that has put renewed focus on U.S. companies that keep funds offshore in order to avoid paying taxes.

Chipotle Enters ‘Better Burger’ Territory But Struggles Continue

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As Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMGC) enters the burger business, the company appears to be doing it with a vengeance by attempting to trademark the phrase “Better Burger.”

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