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Trump University's Troubles Could Instruct Investors Regarding ‘For Profit’ Schools

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Allegations from former employees of the now defunct Trump University that the for-profit school was a “fraudulent scheme” and “a total lie” surfaced Tuesday when court documents related to a lawsuit were released by a judge.Boiler room-like pressure tactics that “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated” were among the charges leveled and have led to denials by Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump who said Trump University students got their money’s worth.

Is Biotech StemCell’s Reverse Stock Split A Cautionary Tale?

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Biotech StemCells Inc. tried an accounting trick 3 weeks ago to make its stock look better and regain compliance for Nasdaq listing requirements.

Earnings Calendar: Week of May 31, 2016

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Despite a short trading week following the Memorial Day holiday, there’s still much to focus on from an earnings perspective. This week's earnings calendar features companies reporting the rest of this week from apparel to telecommunications to semiconductors to home builders and more.

Did SunOpta’s Spike Catch The Pre-Holiday Crowd By Surprise?

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Right before a major holiday weekend isn’t exactly prime time for investor focus. That's why the announcement from Tourbillon Capital Partners LP, a hedge fund with a 9.9% stake in organic food company SunOpta Inc. (NASDAQ:STKLC) may have slipped past you.

Try Our Free Earnings Calendar

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It may seem obvious. A company’s earnings represent profit (or loss). The more profit, the more valuable the stock (and vice versa). Public companies report earnings every 3 months during a period investors call earnings season.It’s important for you as an investor or trader to keep track of when companies in your portfolio are set to report. Fortunately, that’s easy to do at WooTrader by going to our free (as in “no cost to your whatsoever”) earnings calendar located here.

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