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6 U.S. Companies And Their Overseas Untaxed Billions

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The Panama Papers scandal. The Obama administration’s new rules limiting inversion. All of that has put renewed focus on U.S. companies that keep funds offshore in order to avoid paying taxes.

Chipotle Enters ‘Better Burger’ Territory But Struggles Continue

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As Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMGC) enters the burger business, the company appears to be doing it with a vengeance by attempting to trademark the phrase “Better Burger.”

6 Airline Stocks Worth Considering

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Following the announcement Monday by Alaska Air Group Inc. (NYSE:ALKC) that it had won a bidding war with JetBlue Airways Corp. (NASDAQ:JBLUC) and would acquire Virgin America, investor attention on airline stock has received an understandable boost.

Announcing Our FREE Earnings Screen

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If you like trading volatility, you probably love earnings season. Every 3 months publically traded companies around the world report their quarterly earnings. Sometimes their stock’s reaction is muted or relatively boring but other times, it’s epic. Stocks may gain or lose more than half of their value based on a single earnings statement.

Investing In Drones Could Get A Boost With FAA Part 107 Ruling

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Any day now, the FAA is expected to officially acknowledge the long-term viability of commercial drones by officially releasing its Part 107 ruling. Part 107 will dramatically simplify the process whereby commercial drone operators are able to conduct business.

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