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Wootrader Web Traffic Data

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The higher a company's brand exposure, the greater the number of potential customers who can see the company's website and what it has to offer. Search engine optimization is one way in which a company can increase its exposure. The goal of SEO is to make a company's website appear higher on search engine return results and increase the website traffic, or visitors. There is reason to believe that a company's web traffic can affect its stock price, one way being that it could predict a company's future sales. After all, the more people that visit a website, the greater the number of people who are can buy the product.

Does McDonalds’ $235 Million Q2 Charge Make The Stock A Good Buy?

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McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCDC) is having, for want of a better term, a fire sale. The company said last year it planned to sell 4,000 company-owned restaurants to franchisees by 2018.

Verizon Raising Rates A Sign Of Good Times Ahead For Telecoms?

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Verizon Communications Inc. is raising prices for its wireless service.Analysts see this as a sign wireless carrier discounting wars may be just about over. Verizon said it planned to increase prices by $5 or $10 per month, based on the plan size.

Soda Company Earnings Can Reveal Much About The Global Economy

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When worldwide soda and snack food giant PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE:PEPD) reports its Q2 results Thursday, investors could learn a great deal about global economic volatility.

Earnings calendar week of: July 4, 2016

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The week will see earnings reports from twenty-seven companies. You can see more details on the top five stocks with a 4% or more upside potential below.

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