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Update: Bayer-Monsanto Deal Could Unleash A Torrent Of M&A

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Following months of dealing, Monsanto Co. (NYSE:MONC) agreed Wednesday to sell itself to Bayer AG. The deal, pegged at $66 billion, including debt, would effectively erase from the playing field one of most successful and controversial U.S. agriculture companies of all time.

Two Self-Driving Car Technologies Collide

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Behind the scenes in the automotive industry two separate but parallel philosophies are at work when it comes to self-driving cars.

Wells Fargo Bank And A Cross-Selling Scandal

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Cross-selling or trying to encourage existing customers to buy more of your products is not illegal. What Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFCB) allegedly did, however, is against the law.

Drones Are Coming To Nearly Every Sector You Can Imagine       

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As of Aug. 29, the Federal Aviation Administration, following years of deliberation, enacted new regulations that allow for the use of unmanned aircraft in commercial operations.

New TV Season Shows Promise For Savvy Investors

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If you’re an investor who watches anything on TV (besides CNBC and The Fox Business Network), you are likely keenly aware that the new fall television season kicks off every year in September.

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