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Uncertainty In Health Care Looms

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Anthem Inc. (NYSE:ANTMC) is only one of several health benefits companies facing uncertainty as Congress debates new health care legislation.

Toward A Connected Car Future

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International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBMC) wants to sign up automakers for its cloud-based computing platform in order achieve a deep dive into the burgeoning market of connected cars.

Widget Spotlight #4: Monthly Returns

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Seeing monthly returns on one widget can be telling.

Streaming Music Is Growing Up

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The way people consume music has changed and streaming media has a lot to do with it. Physical album and digital download sales are down and yet more people are listening to more music than ever.

Next Steps For General Electric

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Following a 16 year run as General Electric Company (NYSE:GEC) CEO, Jeffrey Immelt said he would retire at the end of this year. During his tenure, Immelt has overhauled the conglomerate’s portfolio considerably. He has also overseen GE’s reign as the Dow Industrial Average’s worst performing stock among companies that haven’t gone bankrupt or left the index.

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