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Widget Spotlight #12: Company Ratio Analysis

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The Financial Ratios analysis is the next step in understanding the company's historic performance and assess if the company fits your fundamental financial benchmarks.

Investing In Health Care

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If you are interested in investing in health care, you should know it’s a complicated sector with lots of moving parts, lots of potential and not a small amount of risk.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

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If you are new to investing – or even if you’ve been at it for a while – the idea of rebalancing your portfolio probably isn’t a high priority.

Understanding And Using Price-Earnings Ratios

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The price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of a stock is arrived at by dividing the market value of a single share by the current (or expected future) earnings per share. Importantly, P/E ratio is one of the most used metrics for valuing a company (and its stock).

The Dumbing Down Of Smartphones

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Thanks to low-cost, low-end electronic devices, inexpensive data plans and simplistic apps that make McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCDD) picture-bearing cash registers look downright complicated, newcomers to technology – those the industry calls the “next billion” will not send text messages.

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