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FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #22: The Company's Risk Ratios Widget

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Having access to 15 different Stock Market Risk Ratio Calculations on a Company that you are holding or considering trading, all on one Widget is another key Widget that should be selected and placed on your FinanceBoards dashboard(s).

Will The Economy Continue To Expand?

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Equity indexes have been hitting new highs. This, of course, inspires talk of stretched valuations. How long can the ride last? When will it end? If investors knew the answer for sure, they would all be millionaires.

What is Financial Modeling?

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A financial model is a tool used to forecast a company’s future performance. The forecast (future) is based on historical (past) performance. That’s the easy part – understanding what it is and what it does.

Stock Screeners

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A stock screener is an online tool used by investors and traders to filter stocks based on metrics they put in based on a profile or set of criteria. Screening for stocks enables you to find securities in which you may want to invest. Screeners are an important part of research for serious investors and traders.

Ramping Up Home Food Delivery

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Costco Wholesale Corp. (NASDAQ:COSTC) has decided to expand its home delivery service to include groceries. For customers, it means more convenience but less access to free samples.

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