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WooTrader Launches Stock Research Platform.

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July 3, 2015 - Tampa, FL

Three Types of Risk That Affect Investors

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As an investor, you deal with risk. Risk represents the chance or possibility something bad will happen that will negatively affect your investment.

Market, Geopolitical and Currency Risk Explained

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Risk is everywhere. In the world of investing, most types of risk have been categorized and defined.

How Much Time Should I Invest in My Portfolio?

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If you’re an investor, you want to make money but unless you’re in the financial services field as a career, you have to balance your trading and investing with other life responsibilities—your job, your health, taking kids to gymnastics, quality time with your family, and more

What is a Moving Average?

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Technical indicators are a bit like fashion—they go out of style as fast as they come in but some stand the test of time. The moving average is one such indicator. In all of its forms, the moving average has been the go-to technical indicator for decades but if you’re completely honest, do you really know what it is or how it works?

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