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Introducing Accern Alpha One Sentiment

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We are really excited to introduce the Accern Alpha One sentiment database. The Alpha One daily sentiment data covers over 5,000 companies. The sentiment scores are derived from daily aggregations of over 5 million articles published by 20 million news and blog sources. The sources are monitored in real-time and 99.99% of the irrelevant articles are filtered out. The relevant articles are then scored with a 97% accuracy rate.

3 Ways To Invest With Wootrader

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Most every investor is different—each has different goals, different knowledge, different amount of spare time available for investing, and different core beliefs. That is why we designed Wootrader—to cater to those various investment types.

How Does Wootrader Work?

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The stock markets are notoriously difficult to crack, especially in the last years, with so many factors influencing them - information comes fast (and furious), more individual investors are managing their portfolios and computerized trading systems are getting prevalent. So it's not a surprise that 80%+ of the professional money managers will underperform the the general stock markets as measured with the S&P500 index.

WooTrader Launches Stock Research Platform.

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July 3, 2015 - Tampa, FL

Three Types of Risk That Affect Investors

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As an investor, you deal with risk. Risk represents the chance or possibility something bad will happen that will negatively affect your investment.

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