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Is Impact Investing For You?

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The term “impact investing” hasn’t been around a long time having been coined in 2007. It refers to investing in a way that generates a specific positive social or environmental effect in addition to creating financial gain for the investor.

Black Friday's Amazon Effect

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Predicting and reacting to consumer sentiment about holiday shopping is big business, for retailers and for investors who buy retail stocks. Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZNC) is quickly becoming a top place for holiday shopping. It has a clear impact on other stores and they are fighting back.

Efficient Market Hypothesis

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The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) was created by Noble prize winner, Eugene Fama. It suggests that security prices always fully reflect all available information. In other words, you can’t beat the market because the efficiency of the market takes all available information into account.

FinanceBoards Widget in the Spotlight #26: The Insider Transaction 12 Weeks Widget & Other Insider Transactions Widgets.

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Keeping an eye out for Insider Transactions for companies that you are researching or holding should be information and data that you have on your research Dashboard(s). This Widget created from Zacks data plus others like it on the FinanceBoards platform are ones that you should consider adding to your research dashboard(s).

The U.S. Dollar Versus The Stock Market

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Recent talk about increasing oil prices and a rising dollar has led to concern that the combination could be a double whammy for U.S. equities. As oil prices go up, business expenses go up. Rising expenses squeeze margins, lowering profits. A rising dollar makes U.S. exports more expensive, leading to declining revenue.

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