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The Importance of Institutional Investors

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Institutional investors are what “whales” are to the gambling world. Except they are not people. They are, well, institutions, i.e., pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, trusts, endowment funds and others.

Tax Loss Harvesting

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Tax-loss harvesting is, simply put, a way to turn a loss (in the market) into a positive. It’s a way to increase returns indirectly by selling losing equities and replacing them soon after to keep your market exposure constant.

FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #18: The Employee Ratings Widget

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Having immediate access to a number of Key Combined Employee ratings on the Company’s Employee Environment and Senior Management Leadership along with the willingness to recommend the company to a friend combined with actual employee reviews of the company should be some key investment information about the company you are researching to invest in or holding. The FinanceBoards Employee Ratings Widget gives you all of that and more.

FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #17: The Institutions Widget

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Knowing Who the Major Institutions are that are holding a particular stock and the key metrics thereof along with the investment styles of those Holders should be a must-have Widget(s) on your Research Dashboard(s). It should also lead you to add additional types Institutional Holdings widgets to your dashboard(s) as well.

Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

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Investors and traders alike like to have a benchmark to tell them how the stock market is doing overall as well as how they are doing with their investments and trades. While a number of these benchmarks exist, perhaps none is more watched and respected than the Standard & Poor's 500 index (S&P 500).

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