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What makes Wootrader awesome? It never stops innovating.  And today, Wootrader takes pride in providing investors with critical stock market information – The Benzinga Ratings, where you can get access to over a hundred top research firms/ analyst ratings to help you in your investment decisions.


Here is how to do it. Login to your account, click on Reports from the top menu bar, and go straight to Analysts Rating History. The first thing to pop up in the screen is the Ratings and Price Targets from Benzinga. In this table, you will find more than 4000 pages of stats from a number of analysts on the performance of different stocks they cover.

In this table you will find several sections such as: ‘Analyst’- the names of analysts you can choose from, the ‘Stocks’ ticker list, ’Date’ and ‘Time’ of the rating, ‘Prior’ rating on the stock, and ‘Rating’ which is set on three different levels: Outperform, Underperform, and Perform.

Other sections are ‘Then’ which is the Wootrader global ranking of the stock when the rating was made, ‘Prior’-the prior price target, ‘Action’-  the price target action made, ‘Target’ -the price target and the ‘Price Then’ which was the day’s open price of the stock when the rating was issued.

Moving on, when you click on a specific Analyst from the left hand column, you will be directed to a page with that Analysts Rating and the accuracy data of their Target Prices.

Shown here are ratings and price targets researched and developed by analysts. The ‘All Rating’ panel shows all the current ratings for stocks that analyst has issued ratings for. In the “Overview” section you’ll find the latest estimate made, weight and accuracy percentage of that analysts ratings, and other information including historical figures as far back as 3 months. Finally, the ‘Past Performance’ panel gives you the past performances of different stock in terms of rating, price, duration, and the percentage of accuracy of the rating.

There’s really a lot of good data you will find here. Start sorting through the information and become a much smarter investor now. Have fun and remember, it’s Free!

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